Bagage Calculator
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The Bagage calculator is all about making complex algorithms transparent to the user.

The case

Ever questioned what you can take with you on a flight regarding weight, dimensions, loyalty programs etc? Well, that is one of the most asked question for Royal Dutch Airliner KLM, and it's more complicated than you think.

As factors regarding luggage, destination, pax or loyalty programs may vary or could exclude options, a need of an online calculator which could show the possibilities in a transparent way was born. With the online baggage calculator the following question could be answered: "I'm about to fly from AMS to LAX with a baby in a buggy and a teenager with a surfboard with dimensions 'X' (as extra baggage), we are flying economy standard+, making advantage of my KLM flying blue miles, do I have to pay extra?" 

The result can be found here

The set-up is built up fluintly so the application integrates seamlessly into the corporate website. Check it out for yourself