Ease the checkout

Solving the customer friction points around the checkout in order to increase the conversion rate of Convenience Retail

The case

Shell’s goal is to boost the non fuel retail towards 50/50 compared to the fuel revenue. They initially came up with the question if Capgemini could supply them with an easy check out system like Albert Heijn has. Turned out that there was a deeper need behind the question. So we got the mandate to broaden the scope and look for a solution through a holistic approach, where both user needs and Shell’s goals were covered.



We started out with some thorough research at the gasstations, where we observed a lot op people, shadowed them and asked them questions.

• Visited 5 various gas stations
• 100+ Observations
• 30+ Interviews
• 80+ Survey answers


Analyzing data

After gathering all the data we could plot the complex behaviour of the guests on a map. We could then clearly identify 2 user groups/persona’s.

Interviews uncovered that  the ‘fuel shop & go’ people enjoy wandering around in the shop, and the ‘fuel & go’ people, mostly businessmen in a hurry not wanting to wait in the queue, nor being offered goods at the counter.

Check out our findings on the left.

Design Thinking


In order to get the client on the same page, I organized several design thinking sessions with all stakeholders. It's satisfying to see gasstation employees working together with Shell staff towards great ideas, realizing that they all have a common goal.

The activity maps as mentioned before were used as problem statement. How can we offer better products & services for these two persona's leading to 50/50 non fuel retail.

The design thinking sessions generated a lot of out of the box ideas. Now it is time to combine all these stand-alone ideas into a feaseble concept poured into an optimal customer journey.
Optimal Customer Journey

Create an account, fill in your licence plates, choose a payment option


Through geofencing you'll be detected by beacons within a radius of 70m


2-way verification, licence plates x mobile app 


Personal welcome, all consumed goods are registered from now


Conversational commerce, pre-order at the pump


Pre-order preperation, skipping queues


Selfscan of additional producs


Self check-out pillars serve non participants too


Automatically check-out all consumed goods by leaving the geofence area

The unique selling points regarding our optimal customer journey. The payment functionality is now being tested at Shell station Zeist.


All end-users are served (fuel & go, fuel shop & go and Shell employees)


Fuel & go guests can come and go quickly, while getting a full-service experience at the pump


Less queues, more happy people!


Ability to personalize based on recognition and order history. Increase of basekt size through upsell and conversational commerce


Self-checkout pillars serve non-participants too. Ease to measure revenue


Reduction of payment complexity: 1 Seamless transaction at 1 paymentpoint. 


Concept is modular, therefore can be implemented piece by piece


Less workload for employees. More time to interact as host


2-way verification excluding theft